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Giving evidence at the Higher Education Commission’s Inquiry into Higher Education Exports

Paul Raybould, QS Enrolment Solutions’ Director of Marketing & Market Intelligence, spoke at the Higher Education Commission’s Inquiry into Higher Education Exports in the House of Lords this week... READ MORE

Do International Students Recognise The Value of a Two-Year Undergraduate Degree?

Our latest survey looks at the question of whether international students would be willing to pay a higher annual tuition fee for a two-year undergraduate programme than they would have paid for an equivalent three-year degree... READ MORE

Do international students see UK tuition fees as good value for money?

According to QS Top Universities, the average international student to the UK now pays anywhere up to £35,000 per year in tuition fees. With perceptions of value playing such an important role in the decision-making process, as consistently shown in our annual International Student Survey, we wanted to explore how favourably international students perceive UK tuition fees, how the UK compares against other major study destinations, and how value for money perceptions differ across different groups of international students... READ MORE

Do international students see Australian university tuition fees as good value for money?

According to QS Top Universities, the average undergraduate international student to Australia now pays around A$29,235 per year in tuition fees, while a postgraduate student can pay between A$20,000 to A$37,000 per year...READ MORE

Do international students see New Zealand university tuition fees as good value for money?

International students considering New Zealand are very likely to view tuition fees as offering good value for money, with 62% of surveyed prospective and current international students considering New Zealand rating NZ tuition fees as offering good (31%) or very good (31%) value for money...READ MORE

Hobsons Research Cited in House of Commons Briefing Paper on International and EU Students (UK & EMEA)

We were delighted to see both pieces of Hobsons’ research cited in a recently published House of Commons briefing paper, which answers some of the frequently asked questions about international and EU students in the UK for those working in Parliament. It sets out statistics in this area and outlines policy issues including the potential impact of Brexit and the net migration target on international and EU student recruitment... READ MORE

How to use Automated Emails to Increase Student Recruitment (Global)

For most universities, the time between first enquiry and enrolment takes several months. During that time, there are many instances when the right message at the right time to the right prospective student can significantly improve their experience and increase their chances of enrolling... READ MORE

TEF Ratings or University Rankings? New Research Shows International Students Prefer… (UK)

Following the recent release of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) results, we have today launched the findings of our latest #HobsonsInsights research, examining international students’ awareness and understanding of TEF ratings...READ MORE

The Role of Student Ambassadors in International Recruitment (Global)

“Word of mouth” is known to be a powerful marketing tool, and the same applies when it comes to recruiting international students. In the 2017 International Student Survey, it was found that 8 out of 10 international students have a friend or family member who is studying or has studied as an international student...READ MORE

Three tips to avoid spam filters when sending emails to prospective students

Email is personal, direct and has the highest return on investment (ROI) than any other marketing channels. It’s the best platform for you to provide information about your brand to clients, and more importantly, make it all about them. Often times, the emails you send as part of a campaign are flagged as spams. There are several reasons why that happens, which include: • the quality of th...READ MORE